Structural Integrity – Artist Statement

Structural Integrity Artist Statement

The three elements in these pieces seem to exist internationally in similar manors. Ultimately Pigeons carry on unchanged, adapting to a changing environment and man’s changing messages. The environment, graffiti, and personified interactions convey the opinions, scenarios, and locations from my perspective and are intended to give a social narrative on modern day events.

Predating civilized man, intentional marks by hand have been made to depict written messages and pictograms. A new form of propaganda spawned from personal mark making on public spaces. Early examples go as far back Pompeii where sailors created carvings of phalluses in stone tiles as directions to the local brothel. This graffiti was to be some of the first forms of advertisement. Through out time vandals, common man, politicians, and corporations would write, scratch, paste and paint everything from words, phrases, images, and opinions on almost anything in an attempt to convey a message.

These small installations are created to replicate transit structures. Many times these bridges held advertisements of local commerce and usually by artisans. As the interest in the products decreased, or the painted spaces were replaced with billboards, the necessity for the artisans dried up, these murals no longer were maintained. Caused by the rise in global economy, local economies decayed. Society and government has removed the importance in our schools of most things creative and replaced it with information deemed important by the highest bidder. The translation, we are told what they feel is important, how we should look and what we should eat, and don’t do anything that requires free thought.

The wildlife in these pieces has amazing stories and seems to always to be viewed negatively. Pigeons, starlings, English sparrow, Norway rats, and the common house mice once were vermin of Europe and reflect the migrations of man to their urban dwellings in North America. Pigeons were trusted with messages, instructions, and secrets during wartime as a form of communication and are now considered flying rats. Similar to rats, pigeons have the ability to adapt in almost any environment and do very well near man’s dwellings A close relative to the featured fowl; Doves are considered the symbol of love and peace. The animals in these pieces are intended to personify humans and human relationships.

Will man continue to adapt depending on their environment, how does that effect the information that we share, and does that reflect honesty in what is happening around the world and to himself?

Paradigm Shift/ Joseph Ivacic

All of the elements in these pieces are created by hand.